Tips On Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back Some people are afraid to talk about or get help after a breakup. Others simply cannot afford to seek professional advice from a pro. Wherever you may

No contact is a load of crap… when I ignored my girl, the only thing that happened was her getting pissed off at me… The only thing I did was make her dislike me

Shontelle blows me away again with an amazing song that explains the emotions that YOUR EX IS GOING TO FEEL AFTER YOU LISTEN TO ME. guaranteed? money back. It has worked for 100% of

His Ex Came Running Back. How? Why? Click “read the rest” to watch the video —->

There is one question that will let you understand her, and what she is thinking. If you constantly use this question, you can avoid making big break up mistakes and greatly increase your chances

Coping with emotional ups and downs during a breakup. httpv:// A lot of guys email me and tell me that they are pretty much over their ex girlfriends and that they are either ready

Should you go to a party, that your ex girlfriend is likely to be at? What do you do if you run into your ex or see her at a social event? httpv:// The

These are my ideas about Jay Cataldo’s post on his life coaching blog, and Cesar Millan’s YouTube Channel, see below for links to my sources. First off, don’t get me wrong. I am not

Your goal: Make this song your girl’s song about YOU. It is all about her need for you. Mindset tip: Just like Shontelle in this video, believe that your ex is thinking: “Nothin’ feels

This is a recent comment to the about section of the blog, and it is so close to so many guys, that I decided to break it down right on my blog and newsletter.